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                                                                     Welcome to          

                                                               We offer:

                                                             - used TRANSFORMERS, 75W – 2000W

                                                             - new or old types            

                                                             - in good condition

                                                             - for a low price

                                                             - top quality

                                                             - fuses in all types

                                                             - extension cords and accessories

                                                             - Free delivery for area DA, HD, KL and MA

                                                             - change service

                                                             - warranty



                                                                                220V to 110V (for Germany)               

                                                                             110V to 220V (for USA-per order)




our Adress:

Gertrud Schäfer
Drosselweg 2
67227 Frankenthal

phone:06223 65455

mobile: 0177 8054436